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If you're in an unschooling rut, and your kid's obsessive attachment to Fortnite/Nutella/foldovers/fighting with each other,  is driving you nuts.
I might just be able to help you make sense of it.

I help home educating and unschooling parents suffering from overwhelm, to find calm amidst the chaos and to connect to a peaceful place within. 

Life with kids can be far from calm but did you know that it’s possible to find a sense of stillness even when everything is flying around you - sometimes literally?!

Are you worried about whether your child will ever stop gaming and rediscover their legs?

Are you concerned that they might not know how to read without school?

Do you wonder whether their options will be limited without formal schooling? 


These are all typical fears for parents of children outside of the school system - heck, all parents are confronted with triggers and fears daily! 


Did you know that you can use these triggers kindly presented to you by your children daily, to find and heal childhood and even ancestral wounds?  That there really is a way through what can often feel like a confusing fog as you juggle all the balls - many of them glass!

I used to feel like maybe you feel now.  Truth be told, I still sometimes do.  I GET IT.  The only difference between you and me is that I have tools and am deeply connected to my intuition and am able to quickly ground myself in what my kids need RIGHT NOW and what I need in order to be that sense of home for them. 


Journey with me as I show you how to trust your child and yourself, THRIVE and discover limitless possibilities! 


What I Offer

Book in a free call with me, where we will discuss your options. I want to teach you and your family how to live freely! Get in touch today!

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