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Deschooling 101

Something of a 'how to' but better, bigger, deeper! An introduction to the concept of 'deschooling' - that transition period between school and the next thing. But WHEN will that 'next thing' come? What will it look like? This program is designed for the parent who wants to deeply support their child and truly understand what learning looks like for them - but not with the intention to control them. We'll be covering the point of 'deschooling', where it fits in - in the broader scheme of an unschoolers life, why it can feel hard for parents (even though often the kids take to it like a duck to open water) and provide a framework within which to question those 'shoulds'. You know the ones. Not for the fainthearted but for the parent who values relationship over rules. We'll be talking about when to step in and when to leave well enough alone and how to support our children to listen to themselves but continue to be part of a family unit. What you'll get out of this program, is a deeper sense of peace, an understanding of how school based trauma can impact the early months (or years) of your now home educated/homeschooled child's life and what learning looks like for YOUR child. Please join the Facebook group for a week of support alongside the live workshop



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