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Radical Mentorship for Unschooling Families

WHAT I WILL DO: Listen without judgment and without intent to fix, your worries and challenges; Help you identify what you’re really afraid of so we can take the charge out (which calms your nervous system); and Share my lived experience of how kids actually learn and how they really ARE without the programming of school clouding things…..oh and a by-product of that, is that YOU naturally find out how you really are. Or is it the other way round? WHAT THE MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES: Access to an exclusive Facebook group; Regular and specific interaction in the group targeted to your challenges; and Monthly zoom ‘coaching’ calls where we’ll cover common unschooling themes. COST £250 (or equivalent in any other currency - I’m international like that!) £25 by the month; OR A £35 per month Giving Circle is a new tier, introduced to extend support to any members of our community without the means to access the support they deserve. This tier allows anyone who feels called to, and who can afford to pay a little extra, to contribute to a bursary (a free or subsidised place in the circle). If you would like to talk about how to access the bursary, please contact me directly.


3 Plans Available, From £25.00/month
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