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Have you just started your Life Without School journey?  You'll want an Upgrade then!  To your thinking, to the programs already installed in your brain, to your relationship with your children. You need to DESCHOOL!!
Join me on the 20th February at 7pm GMT


What exactly IS 'deschooling' and why is it important?

Generally, deschooling is considered to be the transition period between a 'schooled' way of living, or school itself, to, well, the next thing. Many parents know about about the concept but really are waiting for the REAL unschooling/home educating journey to begin.  The bit where their kids invent some new technology, learn to speak Japanese and start a business at 12.  


Say whaaaaat?!  But how will I know if we did it right?  And what is IT supposed to look like anyway? How long WILL my child stay on the coach watching Youtube? When is it OK to register them for archery, pottery classes, hiking weekends or coding workshops?  Will DESCHOOLING ultimately help them?  And what the hell am I supposed to be be doing anyway? 

Deschooling is most often MORE about the parent than it is about the kids.  

What The Deschooling Workshop Includes:

A two hour interactive workshop with LIVE coaching opportunities.
Date: 20th February 7pm GMT

Access to an exclusive pop-up Facebook group.

Regular and specific interaction in the group targeted to your challenges for ONE week.



£40 (or equivalent in any other currency - I’m international like that!)


We'll talk about the different syles of education within the broader 'Life Without School' philosophy and WHY 'deschooling' is important for each family seeking educational freedom.

We'll work through the common fears that impact the early weeks and months of unschooling and home educating. 
I'll share personal stories from my kids journey into unschooling that you WILL NOT hear anywhere else. 
I'll share a transformational tool with you that will change your life and alleviate suffering and can be used way beyond DESCHOOLING. 

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