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If you are stuck in an unschooling rut and your kid's obsessive attachment to gaming and Nutella is driving you nuts, then I just might be able to help you make sense of it all


Why do you need support with your unschooling? 

Of course, you don't NEED it!
You're completely fine without it AND you'll figure it out eventually BUT wouldn't it be nice to have your own village? People in your corner who have walked the path just a little before you and can reassure you, offer you comfort, and share their stories with you? 


During my unschooling journey it was so important to me, and life-changing actually, to have friends ahead of me in the parenting dance. And even better to observe families whose children also didn’t go to school but who were older.

I felt reassured.

My kids would learn to read, in their own time and in their own way (they did).

My kids would find ways to make friends, without the schedule of school (they have).

Learning would happen all on its own, without force and without my interference (it continues to).

It’s not wrong to commit to a life without force and (mostly) kids really do know what they’re doing, even if they can’t articulate it (this magic continues to astound me daily).

I can’t get your kids to cooperate/ stop swearing/ wear pants/ brush their teeth/ go to all the activities you've already booked and paid for that they never asked to do anyway.

Here’s what I actually do:

Listen without judgment and without intent to fix, your worries and challenges.

Help you identify what you’re really afraid of so we can take the charge out (which calms your nervous system).

Share my lived experience of how kids actually learn and how they really ARE without the programming of school clouding things…..oh and a by-product of that, is that YOU naturally find out how you really are. Or is it the other way round?

What The Membership Includes:

Access to an exclusive Facebook group.

Regular and specific interaction in the group targeted to your challenges.

Monthly zoom ‘coaching’ calls where we’ll cover common unschooling themes.


£250 (or equivalent in any other currency - I’m international like that!)

OR £25 by the month.


And yeah I know I probably fucked up that pricing a bit so jump in quick before I change my mind!

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