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Hi, I am Sarah, and I am many things.

Only one of them is a mother. I am also a collector of kitsch knitwear; a sourdough addict; a bird whisperer (my daughter doesn’t believe me); a late-night Netflix viewer and a somewhat regretful border collie owner (I wanted a lurcher).


My children have brought out not only the very best of me but my most real self, the self that shows up authentically, lives joyfully, walks barefoot and sings loudly.


It is in that spirit that I have co-founded The Partnership Parenting Movement and The Renegade Mum and I seek to bring that same sense of connection and playfulness to other families.
I support parents in undertaking the inner work required to live in freedom with their children and advocates for self-directed learning and life without school.

"Sarah is the best selling author, blogger, speaker and advocate of self-directed education."

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